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Rob HooftI became involved in discussions about Data Management Planning in 2012, and quickly started a collection of data management considerations for research projects. My mind map representing this collection became the starting point of the knowledge encoded in the Data Stewardship Wizard. In my view, Research Data Management (and -Stewardship) is something that benefits research, and we should make sure it is never becoming just an administrative burden. I am very happy to be able to work with FAIRconnect to document and attribute good FAIR practices and will make sure to monitor how these documented practices can bring benefits.

Rob Hooft
Coordinator of the Omics workgroup, Architecture Team


Robert PerglMy passion is the development of tools that support the FAIR principles - I have been working as a developer and project coordinator in this area since 2015, and have the pleasure and honour of working with numerous FAIR experts. My experience shows that (as in any ambitious socio-technical endeavour) collaboration and knowledge sharing among experts is the key to success. I am delighted that FAIRconnect is here to provide an effective knowledge platform for FAIR with low barrier access, openness and high quality content. I am sure it quickly becomes a powerful vehicle for deep innovation and rapid embedding of FAIR principles in practice. Godspeed!

Robert Pergl
Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Information Technologies (associate professor)
ALTER-LEO (CBO, founder & co-owner)
Codevence Solutions (co-founder & co-owner)
e-Science Data Factory (developer)